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Cycling in Belgium

Belgium is the home of famous racing cyclists including Eddy Merkcx and Tom Boonen. They all carry out their training on the normal Belgian roads. And so do the ‘regular’ Belgian cycling tourers. They cycle to commute, for sport or just for pure recreation. Almost 90% of all Flemish households have at least one bicycle. The northern region of Flanders have good cycle paths connecting most villages and also continuing through most of the towns. These are generally well planned and keep you separated from the motorized traffic. This cycling infrastructure goes hand in hand with other facilities, such as bike parking places and bicycle rental points.

Flashmob at Brussels station

  We present a list of Tour Companies who have been selected for their reliability and expertise. They provide a range of bike tours in Belgium planned over flat terrain.

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De Velodroom Bicycle Museum in Flanders
Musée du Cycle Bicycle Museum in Wallonia

Bicycles in Belgium

Upright models:
The Belgians adore their national cycling heroes and try to imitate them during their challenging training sessions on their bikes. This is particularly so during the weekends when you will see groups of cyclists, dressed in their multi-coloured club jerseys and riding the latest model ‘koersfiets’ [road racing bike]. On the other hand there are the more relaxed recreational cyclists, who tour the easy Flemish terrain in family groups on their nice multi-geared hybrid bicycles. Commuting by bike is strongly stimulated by the Belgian government and especially in the urban areas many people ride basic, low-maintenance 1 to 7 speed bikes to and from school and work. Long distance commuters even use a folding-bike which they take with them on the train every day. Some of the typical bike types you will see, when visiting Belgium:
'Koersfiets’ or ‘Racefiets’. Road racing bike. Aluminum or carbon frame, up to 30-speed derailleur gears. ’Hybride fiets’. Recreational bike. Semi upright position. 12 to 24 speed derailleur or 8-speed internal gears. ‘Stadsfiets’. Steel or alu frame city-bike, 1 to 7 speed derailleur or internal gears. Optional document case holder.

Pedelec is the abbreviation for "Pedal Electric Cycle". The addition of the electric motor enables the rider to pedal with less effort, thereby achieving greater distances (60-100 km battery capacity) and being able to ride against the wind more easily. In comparison to other two-wheelers with an electric motor (in general often called "E-Bikes" or „Scooters“), the characteristic of a pedelec is that the electric power only assists the human power instead of replacing it: The current output of the electric motor usually is proportional to the current human power contribution. This means, that a pedelec does not move without pedalling.
Moreover there is a speed limit for the electric assistance of the motor: Pedelecs in the sense of European legislation stop the electric motor above a velocity of 25 km/h. Often an electric motor is used that is incorporated into a hub of a wheel (front or rear) and drives it directly. Most pedelecs have batteries that may be removed from the pedelec and can be charged outside of the parking facilities. Lithium ion (LiIon) polymer is the state of the art in current battery technology with its price continuing to drop. Longer in the market, nickel cadmium (NiCd) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) cells still remain an option but are being phased out. Regarding size, speed and the skills required, the pedelec is very similar to the conventional bicycle.

Recumbent bikes:
You will find relatively more recumbent bikes [‘ligfiets’ in Flemish] in ‘easy cycling’ areas of the world. Recumbents are considered less suitable for climbing hills, although a lot of die-hard recumbent riders strongly disagree with this. As with normal upright bikes, some recumbent bikes are designed with comfort in mind, and some are designed with performance in mind. The rental and purchase prices of recumbents start higher than upright bikes because they are not (yet) mass-produced. There are quit a few recumbent bike manufacturers. Rental possibilities (view the “rent a bike” chapter) in Belgium are few and far between though.

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