BE accommodation lodging

During an organized tour in Belgium your accommodation will be arranged by the tour company. If you plan to do a self-contained tour you have to book the overnights yourself.
There is a wide range of accommodation available in Belgium within one day's cycling distance. Lodgings are equally spread out over the countryside, with a larger choice of hotels around the major tourist destinations Antwerp, Brussels, Gent and Bruges. Seasonal demand affects prices, especially in the historical towns mentioned and at weekends and during summer holidays. Overnight, secure bicycle storage is usually available.


There are approximately 2000 hotels in Belgium of which some 1100 are located in the Flemish region. A relatively small number of hotels in Belgium is part of a hotel group; most places are individually leaded. The Belgian Tourist Office issues a shield to all approved hotels by which they can be recognised. Hotels which display this sign conform to the official standards set by the ‘Benelux’ rating system, indicated by a row of stars from the highest (5-star plus) to the lowest (1-star). However, the number of stars assigned to a hotel correspond mainly to quantitative criteria, such as how many of the rooms have bathrooms. It does not necessarily provide information about the atmosphere or service in the hotel. The prices of the hotels vary between Euro 40 and 300 per double room per night. Breakfast is not always included in the room rate.

(Sponsered) information

Bonobo - Situated in quiet and picturesque street in Bruges
Ariane - Family hospitality in the leafy suburbs of the historic town of Ieper
Albion - An authentic way to discover Ypres
Astoria - Antwerp
Stiemerheide - Genk

Bed & Breakfast

There are over 3,000 small establishments offering Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Belgium. B&B accommodation is often provided in private homes where the emphasis of the owners is placed on giving their guests personal service in order to make them feel 'at home'. Bathrooms and toilet facilities are not always private. There is sometimes a surcharge for a single night’s stay.
The ‘Plattelandstoerisme’ lodgings provide smaller tourist accommodation establishments located in the Flanders countryside. Affordable guestrooms and guesthouses, some for larger families and groups also.
There are ample opportunities to rent bungalows for a holiday period which tend to be clustered along the Flanders coastline. These holiday houses and flats are comfortable and well-equipped and rental prices are determined by the number of bedrooms, the amenities, the location and the season.
If you are travelling by bicycle, there is the “Vrienden op de fiets” [friends on the bicycle] organisation. Based in the Netherlands they also have 250 B&B members in Belgium, where you can stay at private homes. Similar, and at an even cheaper rate, you can find rooms at “Warm Showers”. Apart from the internet, the local Tourist Offices have lists of B&B’s and guest houses.

La Vie de Chateau - Lodging in Belgian Castles
B&B Cosy Cottage - Dendermonde