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During an organized tour in the Netherlands your accommodation will be arranged by the tour company. If you plan to do a self-contained tour you have to book the overnights yourself.
There is a wide range of accommodation available in Holland within one day's cycling distance, whether you are travelling on a budget or in search of a luxurious hotel. Overnight, secure bicycle storage is usually available. Summer season demand affects prices, more particular at weekends and holiday periods. Accommodation prices include federal taxes but in some places, there is also another kind of tax called ‘Toeristenbelasting’ [Tourist Tax]. This is levied per person, per night and varies per municipality – at a fixed amount (Euro 1-3 per person, per night) or as a percentage of the overnight costs (1-5%).


In the Netherlands the traveller can choose from approximately 2500 hotels. Hotels are graded according to the ‘Benelux’ system, in which the standard is indicated by a row of stars from the highest (5-star plus) to the lowest (1-star). However, the number of stars assigned to a hotel correspond mainly to quantitative criteria, such as how many of the rooms have bathrooms. It does not necessarily provide information about the atmosphere or service in the hotel. The prices of the hotels vary between Euro 40 and 300 per double room per night. Breakfast is not always included in the room rate.

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Bastion hotels - Good food and a good night's sleep
Campveerse Toren - Cosy hotel in historic Veere
Groot Warnsborn - Luxury hotel in a monumental forest
The Toren - Amsterdam
De Twee Linden - Beneden Leeuwen


Bed & Breakfast

There are over 3,500 small establishments offering Bed and Breakfast accommodation in the Netherlands. B&B accommodation is often provided in private homes where the emphasis of the owners is placed on giving their guests personal service in order to make them feel 'at home'. USA and Canadian visitors must be aware that Dutch B&B accommodation sometimes can be quite basic when compared to the generally luxurious B&B’s in their own countries. Bathrooms and toilet facilities may be shared. Guests are expected to arrive no earlier than late in the afternoon, and to depart before noon the next day. There is sometimes a surcharge for a single night’s stay.
If you are travelling by bicycle, there is a list of 3,600 addresses of the “Vrienden op de fiets” [friends on the bicycle] organisation. Here you can stay at private homes. Similar, and at an even cheaper rate, you can find rooms at “Warm Showers”. Apart from the internet, the local VVV Tourist Offices have lists of B&B’s and guest houses.

Pronkkamer - Luxurious B&B's  in the Netherlands