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During an organized tour in Denmark your accommodation will be arranged by the tour company. If you plan to do a self-contained tour you have to book the overnights yourself.
In Denmark the traveller can choose from approximately 1000 hotels and inns. You can stay at places of all types – from international luxury hotels to very 'hip' Danish design hotels and the friendly provincial inns, B&B’s and hostels.


Hotels are graded according to the ‘Horesta’ system (Danish Hotel Industry Central Organisation), in which the standard is indicated by a row of stars from the highest (5-star plus) to the lowest (1-star). However, the number of stars assigned to a hotel correspond mainly to quantitative criteria, such as how many of the rooms have bathrooms. It does not necessarily provide information about the atmosphere or service in the hotel. Breakfast is not always included in the room rate. It is advisable to reserve in advance at weekends and during (summer) holiday periods. The "Kro" or "Kroer" is a particular kind of country inn It has an accommodation category between a countryside hotel and a luxurious B&B. Kro's offer authentic atmosphere, a cultural experience and personal attention

Companies in the leisure market (particularly accommodation) can obtain a Green Key hotel diploma if they live up to a number of environmental criteria such as a limitation on their energy consumption, the use of environmentally safe cleaning and washing agents and limited waste disposal. In 1994 the first Green Key international eco-label was issued for hotels in Denmark. The Green Key diploma is valid for 12 months after which the businesses are inspected again.

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Hotel Aosia - Hotel in the heart of Aarhus
Hotel Sanders - Copenhagen's latest luxury boutique hotel

Bed & Breakfast

There are over 1,000 small establishments offering Bed and Breakfast and hostel accommodation in Denmark. B&B accommodation is often provided in private homes where the emphasis of the owners is placed on giving their guests personal service in order to make them feel 'at home'. USA and Canadian visitors must be aware that Danish B&B accommodation sometimes can be quite basic when compared to the generally luxurious B&B’s in their own countries. Bathrooms and toilet facilities may be shared. There is sometimes a surcharge for a single night’s stay.
Paying higher prices allows you to book one of the castles and manor houses of "Slotte-Herregaarde" of which there are quite a few open as luxurious B&B lodgings. Cheaper farmhouses and countryside/nature B&B’s, of which there are 115 in Denmark can be selected at the Bondegaardsferie. If you are travelling by bicycle you can find very cheap rooms at “Warm Showers” , an organization for cycling enthusiasts, run by people who open up their homes for passing cycle tourists. Apart from the internet, the local Tourist Offices have lists of B&B’s and guest houses.

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